Nursery & Production Farm

Spread over 100,000 square meter production area at Ummsalal, Al Naimi Landscaping has always been to offer clients a complete range of quality products at competitive prices. Today our range includes over 100 varieties of trees, shrubs, Mediterranean plants, climbers, palms and fruit trees. 


Quality is our objective right from the start of the production process, based on the following simple rules:

  • rigorous selection of the young plants
  • optimum planting distances to allow balanced growth of aerial parts
  • Judicious fertilizing and disease treatment, to avoid altering the microbial activity of the soil
  • Constant monitoring of our plants’ state of health and rigorous prevention of disease, in order to avoid recourse to treatments based on chemical products, while guaranteeing at the same time an optimum state of health.

Our company growth owes much to the quality and range of our pot-grown. Pot-grown plants are indispensable to garden centers because they guarantee planting success and are easily handled. For the same reasons, pot-grown plants are increasingly popular with plants lovers.